Ballpoint Pen Art Workshop

 “A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” ~ Salvador Dalí

 Shirish Deshpande is an artist but his medium is very different than usual artists.  Its not oil paints or watercolors, he prefers to use his ballpoint pen. Yes, ballpoint pen is his medium and mind you, it is not a child’s play.

Unlike paint, where one stroke covers a large area, the ballpoint builds a painting stroke by stroke. There is no scope for correction. Once a stroke is made nothing can cover it, it cannot be erased. Each stroke has to be perfect.

 Shirish Deshpande is going to share his love for this medium with Amdavadis in a Ballpoint Pen Art Workshop at Art Gallery, Sanskar Kendra, Opp. Tagore Hall, Paldi from 15th February to 17th February 2013.

Amdavadis of all ages can learn to create masterpieces with their ball pens in this 3-day workshop. Each session is going to be of three and half hours and the registration fees is Rs. 3000 per participant.

 The last date for registrations is 31st January 2013. To know more about the workshop, visit their Facebook page:







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