Balan Dosa Manekchowk

Gone are the days when Sankalp, Dasaprakash and Dakshinayan were the top spots for authentic South Indian food in the city. Many dosa joints are matching up with these huge dosa joints and Balan Dosa is one of them.

Balan Dosa, sounds south Indian ehh? Balan Dosa is the heart of Manekchowk right at the center of Manekchowk. Balan Dosa serves a variety of dosas right from the authentic Masala Dosas, super exciting Sandwich Uttapams(my personal favourite), Gwalior Dosa(highly recommended) to Chocolate Gwalior Dosas, Cheese Gwalior Masala dosas and other new exciting stuff.

I can assure you the dosas here are served by a yellow army(their uniform) and you feel like you are in the Chepauk enjoying a Chennai Super Kings match while having your favourite south Indian delicacies.

My mom once told me that the real test of a south Indian meal(A dosa or a vada) is not only the main dish but the smoking hot Sambhar and finger licking chutneys which are served along with the dosas. A good sambhar and chutney tells you that the dosa will definitely hit your taste buds right through, and that is where Balan Dosa gets it right because Sambhar does not contain sweet jaggery or sugar which we get in sambhars when we travel in Gujarat. My only disappointment lies when I see a menu without Rava Dosas and I am sure Balan will see through it soon.

Balan Dosa is a place every Amdavadi would like to be in the middle of the night with their friends and dear ones dipping into the flavours of South at a price which suits your pockets too. Balan Dosa is a must visit when you are in or near Manekchowk.


Balan Dosa Ahmedabad


Balan Dosa Manekchowk Ahmedabad



Gwalior Dosa and Chocolate Gwalior Dosa at Balan Dosa



Masala Dosa at Balan Dosa

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