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Act of Madness ¡¡¡

Ms Amruta Patil’s live talk at Alliance Française d'Ahmedabad

Guest Author: Craft'ature “…tu yahaan jha. Thoda uss taraf. aur thoda iss taraf...” This shout of a girl kid interrupted my drafting. When I sneaked out to see who it was, eventually it was the neighborhood children playing and the head of this clan was a tall girl, dressed amusingly giving ...

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Best places for Morning Walks in Ahmedabad

Delightful morning walks in Ahmedabad

Guest Author: Preet Kaur  Since the overwhelming monsoon has taken over the city, the pitter patter of the rains have filled happiness in the hearts of Amdavadis. Despite the water clogging, the rainy season has set an awe-inspiring atmosphere that has bought everything to life. The birds are chirpier  and ...

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Dog Spa: The new trend in pet grooming

A well groomed dog is a happy dog! | Photograph by: Bhagyawanti Solanki

Guest Author: Preet KaurDog spa is designed for those who seek a lavish life for their beloved pets. Dog spa takes care of the dog’s health, nutrition and provides fun for your pet. It refers to both the cleaning of dogs and their hygienic care. It may also refer to ...

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Kanoria: Boundless Art

Kanoria Centre for Arts: non-profit institute aimed at promoting and developing art.

Guest Author: Preet Kaur “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” a quote from Edgar Degas very much complements the philosophy of Kanoria Centre for arts. This institute for fine arts is situated on university road in the beautiful campus of Cept. B.V Doshi and his ...

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Amdavadis Drenched

Rains in Ahmedabad

Guest Author: Craft'ature ‘but it rained’….. As I soak myself to this song and as you read these lyrics of the same title by Parikrama; of course both of us have a common season in mind/ or in background…the rains!! So finally Amdavad gets drenched! And with the pour every amdavadi will ...

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Father’s day out!

I love you dad!

Guest Author: Preet Kaur  In the darkness of night the dim moon shone subdued. On this late night while my family was off to sleep I was wide awake. As a one year old baby, I had taken a power nap in the afternoon and thus I was in no ...

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