Salsa Ahmedabad: Dancing salsa makes people look more attractive

Authentic Salsa Comes To Ahmedabad

Salsa is a beautiful dance of love and freedom with a lot of passion, surprising moves and attractive routines. When you listen to Salsa music, you cant help but stand up to dance! But in the land of Garba, is there any exclusive place for Salsa lovers? Surprisingly yes! Furor Entertainment ( brings the taste of authentic Salsa music & dance to Ahmedabad! Exciting, isn’t it?

The Ahmedabad Blog connected with Jayvir Mehta, the Regional Head at Furor Entertainment who shared everything we need to know about 

Salsa Ahmedabad: Changing the dance culture in Ahmedabad

Salsa Ahmedabad: Changing the dance culture in Ahmedabad


The Ahmedabad Blog: Please introduce your brand to Ahmedabad. And explain the concept.
Jayvir Mehta: Furor Entertainment ( is one of India’s best known Latin dance School. Furor was founded by Alex Diaz, a first generation Cuban-American dancer, considered as the best Salsero in India today. Starting out 7 years ago in Bangalore – the Salsa capital of India, Furor is also present prominently in Hyderabad. We are a group of individuals who are passionate about Salsa, and love spreading its magic to whoever is willing to learn. We organize regular Salsa & other Latin dance lessons and promote/organize events revolving around the same.

The Ahmedabad Blog: What is the USP of Furor – Salsa Ahmedabad? What makes your concept unique?
Jayvir Mehta: Furor is a dance school focussed exclusively on teaching and promoting authentic Salsa, and other Latin dance forms like Bachata, Merengue, Jive & Cha Cha. These dances are widely cherished and enjoyed by innumerable people around the globe, including India. Our teaching style focuses on proper technique, body movement and musical timing. Our classes are well structured, detailed, full of energy and fun.

Salsa:  Once you learn the steps, you can dance anywhere!

Salsa: Once you learn the steps, you can dance anywhere!

The Ahmedabad Blog: After Bangalore and Hyderabad, why did you decide to bring your brand to Ahmedabad?
Jayvir Mehta: Salsa is one dance that eventually takes the form of a passion for a lot of people. I am one such person. Having tasted the magic of Salsa somewhere in 2009 while living in Bangalore, it has now become a strong passion. So when time came for me to shift back to Ahmedabad to be with my family, my first instinct was to try and locate Salsa related events in Ahmedabad. Unfortunately, the city seemed unexposed to the Salsa lifestyle as yet. I have been personally trained as an instructor by Alex and have been fortunate enough to learn from some of the finest national & international dancers. Being associated with Furor Bangalore since quite some time, it was only natural for us to think of starting Furor in Ahmedabad, so that we can spread the love of Salsa to Ahmedabad and bring with us our unique Salsa lessons & events to the city.

The Ahmedabad Blog: What are the dance related trends you have seen in Ahmedabad?
Jayvir Mehta: Ahmedabad has always been at a confluence of arts & culture. People of Ahmedabad are always excited about exploring new avenues and are very receptive to the global trends. When it comes to dance, I am sure a lot of dance schools in the city are trying to bring their own specialties to the people. There are a lot of dance based events that seem to be taking place in the city. Latin dance events for everyone, however, seem to be less-promoted or missing altogether. We are here to fill up this void and add one more feather to the multicultural hat of Ahmedabad.

The Ahmedabad Blog: What are your thoughts on Garba fanatic Amdavadis adopting a Salsa culture?
Jayvir Mehta: We Amdavadis are always ready to dance and have fun. Nothing beats the fervour of Navratri which is the longest & one of the oldest dance festivals in the world. At the same time, we are very much eager to learn and explore the new. Salsa will be very well accepted by our city as evident by the response we are getting. I am sure that our youngsters will eventually come up with ways of fusing Salsa with Garba. 

The Ahmedabad Blog: What type of dancing experience do you want Amdavadis to have?
Jayvir Mehta: We are looking at introducing a Salsa lifestyle to Amdavad. Salsa can be called the most popular dance that is learnt around the world. But what do you do after you have attended the classes? In other cities, there are regular Salsa parties/socials, festivals, workshops, congresses etc that give the dance enthusiasts an opportunity to dance and showcase what they have picked up in the class, and also become better dancers. It is also a wonderful way to network, meet new people & make friends.

Salsa Ahmedabad: Introducing a Salsa lifestyle to Amdavad

Salsa Ahmedabad: Introducing a Salsa lifestyle to Amdavad

The Ahmedabad Blog: Are you planning to host any exclusive Salsa dance parties in Ahmedabad?
Jayvir Mehta: Yes. Absolutely. We are soon going to start Salsa socials in Ahmedabad, which will be exclusive in their content, but open for everyone to come and experience Salsa music & dance.

Be ready for Salsa socials in Ahmedabad!

Be ready for Salsa socials in Ahmedabad!

The Ahmedabad Blog: One reason why every Amdavadi should learn Salsa?
Jayvir Mehta: There can’t be just one. There are almost too many reasons or benefits for learning Salsa. To start with, you meet heaps of new people…oodles and oodles of them. Far more than you could meet in any other form of socializing. Ask anyone who has tried it!
The social benefits, for both men and women, are second to none. If you’re single – it’s simply the single greatest way on earth to meet the opposite sex, and yet respectable. In a relationship? Married? Salsa is the single greatest strengthening thing you can do for your relationship! A couple that dances together, stays together. And yes, it can absolutely re-ignite flagging passions, rekindle lost romance, and make you both insatiable.
Yet, even beyond the social benefits, lies even greater benefits to learning how to dance. It will aid you in life, in way’s you can’t possibly imagine before trying it. You’ll become better at work, more focused, more fulfilled, and far more self confident! You’ll carry yourself in an entirely different way.
It will give you a workout. You’ll get in great shape, increasing coordination and flexibility, and you will LOSE WEIGHT!
You will connect with other people, communities. Salsa will get you in touch with a fantastic, diverse and fun group of people, and it allows you to form a connection with another person (while dancing) that is rare in today’s society. It’s called partner dancing for a reason, and there is nothing quite like having a dance, with someone you’ve just met (or you’ve known for years), which allows you to share such happiness and joy. Being one with the music!

Salsa Ahmedabad: Dancing salsa makes people look more attractive

Salsa Ahmedabad: Dancing salsa makes people look more attractive

The Ahmedabad Blog: One tip for Amdavadi Salsa enthusiasts
Jayvir Mehta: If you’re a Salsa enthusiast in Ahmedabad, we would highly recommend you to visit our website and connect with us on our Facebook page to know and stay updated about exclusive Salsa events happening in the city. We’re bringing with us something that the city has not experienced before.  


Can’t wait to enroll in a Salsa class? Here are the details that you’ll need:




Address: Neha’s Fitness Studio (Shyamal), 313 Shangri La Arcade, Above Hyundai Showroom

Near Shyamal Cross Roads, Ahmedabad

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Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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Hemal is the Editor and Blogger-in-Chief of She handles the content strategy and development side of the blog and coordinates with contributors and interns.

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