Gelato In Ahmedabad - a flavorful experience

An ideal season for a scoop of Gelato!!

Guest Author: Preet Kaur

Gelato – the word comes from Latin “gelātus” which means, frozen. It originates from Italy by the Italian word, gelare, which also means “frozen”. For a fact, an ice cream parlour in Italy is known as a gelateria, this place is considered as a bar and an outlet of frozen desserts and pastries.

Gelato In Ahmedabad - a flavorful experience

Gelato In Ahmedabad – a flavorful experience!

Certainly, gelato being a dessert and frozen would obviously be compared to our regular ice creams. Though this Italian dessert may look similar to ice creams but they have their own differences as well!  In the United States, gelatos can’t be classified as ice cream because it doesn’t contain a minimum of 10% butterfat, which is a basic requirement for making ice creams.

Unlike ice cream, gelato often does not contain cream; however it has a low fat content. Thus it is gaining popularity amongst our health-conscious crowd. Its semi-frozen consistency means that gelato melts faster than the ice cream. Therefore it is stored in a forced air freezer, different than those freezers used to store ice cream.

Traditionally, gelato recipes included eggs, but now they are being replaced by other substitutes. Its main ingredients include milk and sugar additionally combined with flavours, fruit or nuts. Once the gelato is made, it is cooled to give it a denser and flavoured taste. The soft texture of these mouth watering Italian desserts, can be more easily swirled and moulded to give foodies a tantalizing presentation and making it a lip-smacking recipe. 

Gelatos are making an impact in this summer season amongst sweet-toothed Amdavadis. There are various outlets across the city like Melt in, Amazo, Amore outlets, InCasa Gelato and many more individual outlets… You can most certainly catch a tiny kiosk selling Gelatos at every mall in Ahmedabad. If you are looking for a more elaborate Gelato experience, we highly recommend visiting the spacious Melt In Outlet at Bodakdev.

Help yourself with some amazing and popular flavours like chocolate, hazelnut, pistachio, strawberry, lemon, and combinations of vanilla, chocolate, and nuts. There are innovations such as Gelato truffles, which are small balls, coated with coconut or other toppings and many more…

So Amdavadis what are you waiting for, grab your favourite flavoured scoop right now!


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