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Amigos “Where friendship burps”


Amigos, a word which reminds you of your all time buddies and AMIGOS “where friendship burps” is as cafe, one of its kind knocking the doors of this beautiful city at Vastrapur lake.

Ankit Rathod and Jigar Chokshi, two young entrepreneurs after a detailed study of about four to six months at various places like Thailand, Singapore etc. thought of giving the city, a long awaited pub cum cafe. This is an advent of a pub culture in Ahmedabad , where they invite DJ’s to play at their cafe, they also keep special screenings of videos and other stuff which the customer’s request. The DJ’s who play here are DJ Mandeep, DJ kabir, DJ Sameer and more.

Ankit Rathod is a man who is responsible for this cafe. We were invited by Nirav, our photographer who also happens to capture their customers on weekends.

Ankit and Jigar started this cafe before a month on 24th October which was an auspicious day as it was Dussehra. I asked him how Amigos is different from other cafes in town. Ankit replied “There is no see through look available which gives a sense of privacy as well as warmth, the interior suits the youth and they like this type of ambience in a cafe. The cafe is simple yet elegant and it is a photographer’s delight.”

Customers likes to have a list of unique items at Amigos which include Amigo club bite sandwich, vanilla milk shake, mojito mex, melted chocolate cold coffee and special chocolate menu for chocolate lovers.

The anxious soul inside me was curious to ask him whether the chocolate is imported from Belgium, Switzerland or some other foreign country like other chocolate specialists claim. Ankit said “No, there is no such thing, we do not believing in attracting customers by saying all that. We say what we do, simple”

I asked him what he believed about the youth. He said “The youth knows its direction and they are goal oriented people. They are aware of global taste too which is quite amusing”

On what he felt about The Ahmedabad Blog ankit said “It is a group of highly creative people who knows a lot about the city, happening places and events. I wish them all the best”

Ankit Rathod and Jigar Chokshi share a futuristic dream who want to make Amigos a global brand and provide India level franchises of Amigos, but keeping the simplicity, authencity and quality intact no matter what.

The Ahmedabad Blog will soon be the official partners of Amigos and you can meet The Ahmedabad Blog team at Amigos Cafe at specific times on weekends for any queries.

“Amigos” is the place where my Amigos will find me from now onwards, I give thumbs up to this cafe!













Photographs Courtesy : Nirav Ashoka Prajapati









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