Rains in Ahmedabad

Amdavadis Drenched

Guest Author: Craft’ature

but it rained’…..

As I soak myself to this song and as you read these lyrics of the same title by Parikrama; of course both of us have a common season in mind/ or in background…the rains!!

So finally Amdavad gets drenched! And with the pour every amdavadi will be drenched not only by the season but also by its spin-off. Read on and get drenched at your own risk! 🙂

You and I will enjoy the spatter of rains & asides this, will also be showered by fashionistas who will recommend rainy style statements. Hence every designer boutique in amdavad will have spunky rainy display. And now that the academic calendar is just re opened every collegian will be hell bent to follow it. Not to forget the matching funky accessories and the colorful umbrellas/ raingears that will don every street store. Every swanky mall will now have banners and kiosk of special edition of water proof make up products on display. To complete the rain do,‘ Karnavati Pagarkhas’ and the famous footpath stretch of ‘Stadium Road’ & other such renowned street market will be flooded with monsoon stylish footwear!!

Next, the print media will be flooded with adverts of ‘Special Rain Sale’ (i don’t understand the specialty of such sale/discounts though!) or ‘Special Monsoon Menu’ by all the leading food chains. Flipping through newspapers’ supplements and magazines you will also come across highly recommended rain friendly diets by the dieticians.  And simultaneously or maybe ironically in the same page you will also witness ‘Makai Utsav’ on at some restaurant or an article written on the famous makkai gully of Amdavad. And as you surf through these in the backdrop, the radio station will air special rain numbers which will take us either to the golden era or to the current gen. When you come back from the rainy romance you remember to head to your local parlor (gender irrespective) wherein the attendant would suggest monsoon special manicure/pedicure or a clean-up which will keep the skin glowing amidst the rain droplets!! On your way you will be miffed with the puddles and potholes and as you curse the politicians and the government, you will also notice tiny tots gearing up for school.

Aah! The Rain Gods & their effects on our lifestyle! Happy Baarish!

Rains in Ahmedabad

Rains in Ahmedabad | Photo by: Hemal Mehta

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