Ahmedabad Ultimate Open 2013 ( Kite Competition )

Come December and you will find kids hovering around you with ‘patangs’ and ‘firkis’ in their hands, running from one terrace to another giving no response to the favourite delicacies prepared by their mother, all time favourite Cricket takes a rest this time of the year. Post Diwali and pre Uttarayan time this is, I was one of those enthusiastic kid.

With the advent of Computers, facebook, Xbox360’s, PsP’s and all those kids turned techno freaks, good or bad? Well, every coin has two sides and when it comes down to the wire, we think that these things affect the heritage of our city or maybe in the longer to the country.

It is Ahmedabad Ultimate Open time, it is organised at a time when the sky will have more kites than birds. The dates of the event are January 11th, 12th and 13th.The tournament will be held at the grounds of SGVP international school.

The format will be strictly mixed, 4:3 ratios will be encouraged and 5:2 will be enforced. Players can register individually or as a team. Registrations will open in the first week of December. The authorities will soon provide the required information on accommodation and other logistics.

If you are alone, don’t worry you can participate and they will make sure that you have a team. Well this is a new thing, and an encouraging one.

So, Ahmedabad what are you waiting register now itself and be a part of one of the best kite flying extravangza of Ahmedabad.

I suggest this is a perfect start and a practice match for the D-Day (Uttarayan and Vasi Uttarayan of course).




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