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Ahmedabad Otlo: Truly Amdavadi app

Ahmedabad is one of the very few cities in India that presents an old world charm wrapped in a bubble buzzing with the young and dynamic. Ahmedabad Otlo is an android app, celebrating the city and is developed while keeping in mind the needs of an everyday Amdavadi. Team Jetbro’s love for Ahmedabad, its people, culture and city is what brought Ahmedabad Otlo together.

Lost while commuting? Landed up in a strange locale? This app helps you find the nearest BRTS bus stop and even tells you the local ticket fares. Stuck on options? You can even call yourself a cab via Ahmedabad Otlo. This app never fails to deliver.

The app keeps you updated with local city news and showcases the deals, discounts and voucher coupons in the city. Ahmedabad Tweets section displays the latest tweets and trends in the city is just another perk you enjoy, if you’re an avid Twitter addict.

Users can also post goods/services they want to put up for sale in the city with the app. The app also allows local Amdavadis to send and receive an update about an event in the city. With a friendly collaboration with Team Ahmedabad Blog, the app now features a real time feed of everyday reviews and updates about events and places in the city. This way, not only are you informed about the events going around the city, but you get an honest review on restaurants and fests as well. So the next time an International artist visits the city for a concert, this app makes sure you know all about it right from the bookings to the collaborations.

However the feature that makes the team all the more proud is “Show Love” where Amdavadis may share their concerns on making the city better. Here users can upload pictures and share suggestions on areas or potholes that need immediate attention. The posts with the maximum “supports” will then be raised to the higher authorities for further action. It could be anything that bothers you about the city, be it pollution or the traffic menace, this platform lets you vent it all out and helps you share your concerns with noted Amdavadis.

Simplicity, efficiency, accuracy and relevance to the city, its people and their life are what makes Ahmedabad Otlo such a special app for every Amdavadi.

The team encourages suggestions, feedback and complaints to improve their App on their popular Twitter account @AhmdOtlo and their official Facebook page.

You can download the app here http://goo.gl/YbBa74

Snapshot of Ahmedabad Otlo App:

Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
Ahmedabad Otlo: Celebrating Ahmedabad
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