The city‘s most awaited Ahmedabad Heritage Festival, began on Monday with all such blooms of interesting & artistic events. I am so proud to say this, that it’s the first city in India to make it to the tentative list of UNESCO’s world heritage city tag.

The journey of this heritage walk begins with music dance performances & exhibitions. As a part of the fest, the third edition of Sufi Festival & Water Festival will also be held at the historic monuments & one of my favourite places Sarkhej Roza and Adalaj Ni Vav on November 23rd & 25th .

The event grows even more interesting as 35 artists from across the country will be performing in these two days, with history as backdrop.

While the Sufi-fest will be held at the 70- acre dry lake in front of the Rani No Mahal, Sarkhej Roza, the Water Fest will be organised front of the Adalaj Ni vav garden

There is much more to this heritage festival, some major attractions for art & history lovers of the city. A breakfast walk, a book festival, visits to heritage houses in the city and exhibitions are on through the week, everyday.

And if you think this is it, than here is another bonus. A special addition –Heritage Film Festival, Hastkala has also opened at Sarkhej Roza.

So enjoy the city ride The Ahmedabad Blog style!

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Ahmedabad Heritage Festival 2012





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