Ms Amruta Patil’s live talk at Alliance Française d'Ahmedabad

Act of Madness ¡¡¡

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Ms Amruta Patil’s live talk at Alliance Française d'Ahmedabad

Ms. Amruta Patil’s live talk at Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad

“…tu yahaan jha. Thoda uss taraf. aur thoda iss taraf…”

This shout of a girl kid interrupted my drafting. When I sneaked out to see who it was, eventually it was the neighborhood children playing and the head of this clan was a tall girl, dressed amusingly giving instructions as to how to play the game perfectly!! Woow, I thought to myself! So glad to see such an authentic innocent scene after ages! Because these days whenever I am out all that I see is kiddies busy surfing some latest E gadgets (though I really fail to understand what would kids understand about such IT bizarres??) or flaunting some talks about which I never heard or thought of!! Glad to know that such an innocent healthy childhood still exists in Ahmedabad 😀 😀

Ok. So I have stopped cribbing. Or Rather a little bit lessoned. My last weekend was extended to this week’s start. Monday was really looked forwarded to by me. The only apparent reason for this was Ms. Amruta Patil’s live talk at Alliance Française d’Ahmedabad (An institute promoting Indo – French Culture). That evening was thrilling. Because, I witnessed Amruta Patil live and was elated to know that writing is actually taken to a level unimagined; unprecedented. & despite her crazy efforts invested in graphics she always prefers ‘words’. That is even more delightful for me…. as a writer 😀

She spoke about her work Kari & Adi Parva a work which was based at Angouleme, France. A place where on random building walls you could be stunned with incredible artworks; a place where in a fest of comic @ 24h is hosted in which the artists all over jam up to bring out comic narrative in flat 24 hrs ; complete disarray. And within such chaos & madness our author has produced a beautiful graphic novel after years of extensive research labor. Adi Parva celebrates Mahabharat in an unusual yet contemporary way! The base is same yet it has a different horizon to it! Her art and word; this heady combination is what makes her and her work awe-inspiring. And so was I awed by her talk and her work. Especially the mention of the humble character ‘Garud’. Garud, according to her is glorified by his golden shade. His grand persona. Yet the grandeur lies in his humbleness. The fact that he could bow down and say ‘Thank you’ as earnestly as he could. So true! Next, what absorbed me was, the mention of the churning episode in the Mahabharata, which she actually compared to life’s reality. These words by her that in order to get the glory of this world, we need to churn oneself; to an extent that we could reach the unreached; so that the AMRIT is accomplished! Still lingers in my mind, in my aatman.

At the dead of the night, when you and I are sound asleep or otherwise enjoying, the rag picker would delve deeply into the garbage to get the rags which would earn him his earning the next day. The deeper he digs the better for him. Similarly the artist, in the explore of his art would dig deeply as deep as he can; to reach the unreached. To churn the AMRIT.  & this is what I realize as I craft something artistically out of every moment from my life!

What a start to the week. Act of sheer madness ¡¡ Thank you Af’ Ahmedabad 


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