A Rendezvous with Tasneem Sara

Tasneem Sara - Ahmedabad based novelist

Tasneem Sara – Ahmedabad based novelist

Tasneem Sara is an Ahmedabad based author. She has written popular novels such as ‘Definitions of Love’, ‘One Night Stand’, ‘Love is Blind’, and ‘Cleaning out my closet.’ Her heart wrenching stories will make you appreciate the simplicities of life.

In her own words, she writes novels that revolve around stories of humanity, trust, and companionship. In an exclusive interview with Ahmedabad Blog, she shares her journey from being a writer to an author. Read all the exclusive details here:

Q1) You are an author and content creator, based in Ahmedabad. Both the fields are different from each other. How do you manage the shift between the two?

Content writing is what I do for a living. But writing stories is my passion. Writing, any form it is, gives me a feeling of serenity and completeness. I don’t find difficult managing the professional and personal writing. I do justice to both of them equally. As far as it is something related to writing, I am able to manage it easily.

Q2) As an author how would you define your novels as the first impression one gets while reading them, is of reading love stories.

Neither of my book is a love story. There are emotional stories of humanity, trust and companionship, with of course the most powerful emotion of Love in them. That makes them modern fiction stories on emotions, not love stories. I don’t see my novels from that perspective. And I would feel sorry if any one judges it that way.

Q3) When and how did you venture into novel writing?

I did not have to venture into it. I was sort of born with creative blood. At a very young age, I had discovered that I could write. As a child I use to write short poems, paragraphs here and there. All I had to do was groom myself and I think I did that; I am still in the learning process.

Q4) Are your novels purely fiction or is there real incidents or people weaved, subtly?

I think, no novel can be work of total fiction, unless of course it is a fantasy story. All authors gather their stories getting inspired from the world around, from the people we know, from the news we hear and incidences and occurrences that happen with us. My stories too are partly biographical, partly coming from my thoughts within and then turning them into fiction as per the flow.

Q5) What or who provides motivation to your novel ideas?

It’s unfair to not give credit to anyone, but I was self motivated. Yes, I did share my stories with my friends and family members, and they put in their ideas into it. That helped me and they were there to motivate me from time to time to write.

Q6) What is your writing style? Does some author inspire your style or you are creating a new one yourself?

I think I am greatly inspired by Nicholas Sparks. He is my favorite author. Naturally, my style of writing reflects his a little bit, since I so very much like his style. Besides this, everyone has their own style to carry the content. I have my own too.

Q7) Ahmedabad is a city, which is still growing in terms of literature and reading culture. In such a situation, was it difficult to begin your career as a novelist?

Oh yes, I am still kind of struggling with my career. And it is not easy. People still judge the books with their names and covers. I think as far as Ahmedabad is concerned, the city still needs to grow in terms of what we call, ‘rich literature’

tasneem sara author ahmedabad novelistQ8) What has been Amdavadi’s reaction to your novels so far?

People have liked my books. They have appreciated it. Still, I need to reach to a huge audience and I am doing it slowly.

Q9) Do you think Ahmedabad should be more open to literature and reading culture? Or is it already there?

Like I already said, Ahmedabad needs to grow up in terms of rich literature. Flair of reading is still missing somehow. And that is sad.

Q10) Anything that you would want to share with our readers.

I want to tell people, that there is some creativity in each one of us. All we need to do is discover it. Don’t hesitate to follow your passion before it is too late. Do it, no matter where you are or how little time you get. It is a kind of joy that each one finds in its own way.

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Nikita Dudani

Nikita Dudani feels she has been born to write. Every experience, feelings and emotions make way through her pen. She is also a poet, author and a hard core foodie.'

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Nikita Dudani feels she has been born to write. Every experience, feelings and emotions make way through her pen. She is also a poet, author and a hard core foodie.

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    Tasneem’s stories are a kind, one can easily relate to! Might not hav reached the masses, bt the ones who hav read’em definitely are in love wid her writing olready!

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