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7 Interesting Things to Do in Ahmedabad

I was on my travelling spree when the name “Ahmedabad” occurred to me. And now it seems like one of the best decisions of my life. With just the Wikipedia information about Ahmedabad being the largest city in Gujarat and a little about the weather, I left for the city. Since I had very little knowledge of the city, I expected very less from the couple of days I was going to spend there, but the experience was mind blowing. The city has so much to it that it just left me craving for more. I wished that a day was more than 24 hours and I could extend my stay here.

Ahmedabad is quite an interesting place to visit. The rich history, delicious food, amazingly beautiful handicrafts and lot of places to hangout, this city is not less than a metro city.

Yeah, I understand you came here looking at the title, so without keeping more suspense, I come straight to the point and here I share the seven most interesting things to do in the city – Ahmedabad.

1. Visiting Sabarmati Ashram

Sabarmati Ashram

Photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru, CC BY 2.0

I started my morning with the quietest place I could imagine here – The Sabarmati Ashram. Ahmedabad is renowned for the Sabarmati Ashram – The place where the father of our nation – Mahatma Gandhi resided with his wife and also started his Dandi March from here. The peaceful atmosphere here makes you feel like entering a temple for worship. The time you spend here in the ashram and the museum, gives you a complete insight of the history, the struggle of our freedom fighters, the experiments of Gandhiji and his life. Since the ashram is located very close to the Sabarmati River, you also get a good view of the river. You may take a stroll along the Sabarmati River or also shop for authentic khadi clothes here.

2. Exploring Vintage Cars at Vintage Car Museum

After this peaceful morning, I went ahead for the next appealing destination – The Vintage car Museum. Even if you are not an automobile fan, this place is a must visit. With over 100 vintage cars of all brands, shapes and sizes, this place is very interesting. It was set up by Pranlal Bhogilal who was the founder-president of the Vintage and Classic Car Club of India. Excitingly enough, the museum also allows visitors to pay a small fee and ride the car of their choice. It feels as if you have become a part of the history going through this legacy collection.

3. Stepping in to Dada Harir ni Vav

Dada Harir ni Vav

Photo by Mehulbhadani, CC BY-SA 3.0

For those having an interest in history, Dada Harir is a good option. Dada Harir is a step well in Asarwa area of Ahmedabad. Apart from a deep history which is displayed through the inscriptions on its walls, it also makes for a good photography point.  This step well was made of sandstone in the style of Solanki architecture over 500 years ago. This place is about five levels deep with an octagonal structure on the top. When you move inside the well, you will find vertical pillars and platforms stacked upon one another, and if you look horizontally, a view of step-well is formed, lending itself to further beautiful perspectives.

Behind the step well, there is a mosque of Sultani which can also be visited.

4. Relishing Gujarati cuisine at Vishala

Vishala is an open air restaurant setting. The lunch here was such a delightful experience that I will never forget in my life. This place is a heaven for those who prefer relaxation and peace while eating. It’s a very soothing place working in the traditional Indian Village style. The settings as well as the serving manner, both are very warm and welcoming. The guests here are expected to sit on mud floors and the waiters serve food in a very hospitable way.

That’s not all. There is more to it. Here you do not need to worry about the number of calories you consume, since the food is based on village staples, it is not fatty   and consists of baked and roasted foods, greens, sprouted salads, and other healthy items.

And the best part is that the guests order and pay the bill in advance, so that they can fully relax once seated.

5. Feasting the eyes at Kankaria Lake

Kankaria Lake

Photo by Mahargh Shah, CC BY-SA 3.0

Kankaria lake is one of the best rejuvenating places in the city along with multiple options for entertainment. It is here, where you can relive your childhood as this place has some very nice eating joints, zoo and amusement park along with the option of a boat ride and Musical fountain show. The musical fountain show is one of the best things of city. It leaves you completely spellbound.

6. Peeping into artistic lanes at Amdavad ni Gufa

Amdavad ni Gufa

Photo by Vaishal Dalal, CC BY-SA 3.0

We may have seen many art galleries but Amdavad ni Gufa is a lot different. Designed by the famous architect B.V. Doshi, showcasing the works of world famous artist M.F. Hussain, this underground art gallery is an amazing place to visit. With domes on the top and cave-like underground structure this place has an exclusive feel and ambience to it.

Apart from this, above the ground is the well known Zen Café. This is an open-air coffee shop that serves delightful beverages and snacks. Spending time at this place was one of the great decisions of the day.

7. Visiting 3-in 1 market called as Manek Chawk

Manek Chawk

Photo by Jaimil joshi, CC BY-SA 3.0

After wandering the city for the whole day, looking at various other attractions like Calico Textiles Museum, Siddi Syed Mosque, Law garden and some more and getting in small talks with the natives, I got to know about this amazing place called Manek Chawk. Some people said it was just another name for great food while others commented that if you visit Ahmedabad and miss out the Night Street Food Market at Manek Chawk, your trip is certainly incomplete and later that night, I could completely agree with them.

A local told me a very interesting fact about the place that Manek Chawk is a vegetable market in the wee hours of the day which then transforms to one of the most famous jewellery market which turns to a food market at night with all kinds of street food available.  Hence terming it 3-in-1 market would never be wrong here.

I can feel my mouth watering even as I am being reminded of the place while I write all this down. So, I won’t give you the details here.

Last but not the least, this city has so much to offer that I feel short of words to express. Without creating any hopes or destroying others, I would suggest visit and experience all of this yourself! Go visit Ahmedabad!

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Rohit Agarwal

A travel enthusiast and an architect by profession, Rohit Agarwal journeys far and wide into the hidden paradises of the world. His exciting experiences are documented at Transindiatravels.com.

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Article written by Rohit Agarwal


A travel enthusiast and an architect by profession, Rohit Agarwal journeys far and wide into the hidden paradises of the world. His exciting experiences are documented at Transindiatravels.com.

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  1. kaustubh1040@gmail.com'
    Kaustubh Patel Reply

    I am from Ahmedabad but currently living in Delhi since last three years. I am missing Ahmedabad so much. Really, Ahmedabad is an awesome place.Proud to be Ahemdabadi.

  2. anilmahajan351@gmail.com'
    Anil Mahajan Reply

    Ahmadabad is a beautiful city. I love to visit this city again n again. I visited so many places, Sabarmati Ashram, Akshardham Temple, Gandhinagar. are names of few. i loved this place. During my stay i lived in Mani Mansion hotel. people in Ahmadabad are very friendly.

  3. parthrathod912@gmail.com'
    parth rathod Reply

    Manekchawk is amazing place to eat at midnight
    good post. keep updating
    thank you

  4. briannorman630@gmail.com'
    Brian Norman Reply

    First want to thank you for this blog and i never visited Ahmadabad but after reading this i want to visit Ahmadabad and want to know more about this city.
    thank you for describing very nicely also thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. mehulach@gmail.com'
    Mehul Acharya Reply

    Great post, covers almost all places of interest in Ahmedabad. I’m glad to share that I’ve recently posted stunning Aerial footages in a video of most of the places you have talked about in the post above. It would be great if you can include link of the video into your post.


  6. hritiksingh337@gmail.com'
    Hritik Singh Reply

    Great blog.!
    Loved the way you’ve presented the entire content. But really if it comes to food you can’t stop drooling over the delicious dishes of the best restaurants/cafes of Ahmedabad city.

    MyToolBag is giving away free food vouchers on best restaurants/cafes of Ahmedabad city, (upto 50 percent off and BOGO too) on the grand success of their App in 2019.

    Visit @mytoolbag.in and participate in the #HuSuKaruMTB challenge now!


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