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6 Reasons why Ahmedabad is the best city to live in

Ahmedabad has been named the best city to live in India according to many opinion polls and surveys.

6 Reasons why Ahmedabad is the best city to live in
6 Reasons why Ahmedabad is the best city to live in

From internationally acclaimed BRTS to recently developed Sabarmati Riverfront, it is one of the fastest growing cities in the world as rated by Forbes magazine. Here are some reasons why we think Ahmedabad is the best city to live in India.



There is a widespread perception among people of Ahmedabad that it is much safer compared to other big cities of India. CNN-IBN and Hindustan Times did a multi-city survey last year, which suggested that Ahmedabad is the safest city for women with over 88% thinking so. Another survey done by TripAdvisor revealed that 85% of women travelers chose Ahmedabad as the safest city. Nowhere in India will you find women freely roaming late at night like they do here.

Great Food

Amdavadis are absolute foodies. They eat to live and they live to eat. Ahmedabad has its own unique food culture. From lip smacking street food in the old walled city to a seven course meal in revolving restaurant Patang, it has everything one wishes for. Food industry in Ahmedabad has evolved over the years and many innovative food startups have emerged in the last few years.

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ublic transport

As said earlier, Ahmedabad has internationally acclaimed Bus Rapid Transit System called Janmarg which connects all major areas of the city. In addition, AMTS runs public bus service with over 700 buses serving the city. Auto Fares in Ahmedabad are cheaper compared to cities like Pune, Mumbai. Car booking services like Uber have also started its operation in the city. Overall, Ahmedabad has a world class public transport system which is hardly found anywhere else in India.   

Startup friendly

Entrepreneurship runs in the blood of every Amdavadi. Startup culture in the city has received a lot of attention lately. Emergence of the Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIMA and entrepreneurial programs like echai, Startup Saturday has given the much required boost to start-up activities in Ahmedabad.

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Festival Celebrations

Amdavadis are crazy when it comes to celebrating Uttarayan, Navratri and Diwali. Every year, Ahmedabad hosts international kite festival, in which kite makers and flyers from all over the world come to the city. People from all walks of life indulge in kite flying for two days. Navratri is famous for the folk dance of Gujarat known as Garba. The nine-day festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm. People dance to the tunes of Garba music until midnight. Other festivals are likewise celebrated by people from all communities.  Festivals like Uttarayan and Navratri have its own “Gujju” touch here in Ahmedabad, which is a delightful experience.

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Education Hub

Ahmedabad boasts some of the best schools and colleges in India. It is seen as an important hub for higher education. Here is a list of some premier institutes:

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