Friday Fiction Films and more with Filmmaker Tanmay Shah

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Short Filmmaker Tanmay Shah believes in keeping open-end scripts Ahmedabad based short filmmaker; Tanmay Shah is a popular name. His films such as ‘Paperboat’ and ‘Wish’ have received awards and recognized by international film festivals. His decision of leaving a secured IIT job and venturing into filmmaking will amaze and inspire you. A look at his office will show you how creative minds work. His simple office is painted with an Amitabh comic figure on one side and on other, there is Charlie Chaplin saying, ‘Seriousness is a disease.’ With such an inspiring ambiance, one could only come with ideas that change the world. In a candid talk with Ahmedabad Blog correspondent Nikita Dudani, he shares his and Friday Fiction Films Pvt. Ltd, journey Read more [...]

Food Review: @9 – The Fern

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Paoneer shashliks as main course  December end calls for celebration, and celebration generally ends up with good food (as far as Aapnu Amdavad is concerned). So a few friends and I decided to let our pockets loose and try out a fancy new place. @9 - The Fern, as it clearly suggests is on the ninth floor of The Fern (where is your creativity, restaurant owners?) It is a beautiful rooftop terrace restaurant with a delightful view of the city on three sides and mosaic of walled plants on the fourth. The view stretches as far as your eyes can go, making me wonder how amazing it would look in the sun. Apart from the view, we were blessed with live music, and let me tell you, it went really well with the cold winter breeze. Menu Read more [...]

The ONGC Ahmedabad Flower Show 2015: Vibrancy in Floral Display

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Ahmedabad Flower Show 2015 A vast array of flowering plants and flower arrangements in shapes of peacocks, flamingos, butterflies et al highlight the Ahmedabad Flower Show. Adding to the beauty are succulents and jumbo Bonsai. Apart from these, there are plants for sale as well as organic food-stuffs that serve as excellent souvenirs. Do not miss the display of mesmerising artwork by school children at the Navneet drawing competition display.    Read more [...]

Top 5 Vada Pav joints in Ahmedabad

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Best vada pav joints in Ahmedabad. There are so many vada pav shops in Ahmedabad but some joints are a standout when it comes to serving the best vada pav in the city. Vada Pav has always qualified to be an easy and quick grab for youngsters and working people. The pocket-friendly prize makes it a hit among collegians that are looking for something filling & affordable. However, the reason why it is popular is because nothing can beat the taste and the charm of eating it at a roadside shop. The various outlets serving quick bites like Vada Pav, Dabeli, Sandwiches etc., enables you to buy them within your range. But, how would you distinguish the best among so many local brands available? We bring you top 5 tried and tested places to enjoy it. HL Vada Pav The most popular hit among Amdavadis is definitely HL Vada Pav. Located in a small Read more [...]

Puffizza – Puff base pizza in Ahmedabad

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Topped with every possible ingredient, this puffiza has it all! Ahmedabad has had a long term relation with the humble Pizza. From the famous Indianized version of the ‘Italian Peeja’ with ‘tameta souse’ and processed cheese – available at roadside joints, to international Pizza chains (with their tweaked menus  catering to the Indian taste buds), we’ve indeed come a long way. Of late, the humble pizza has seen many an interesting twist and is now available in amazing varieties. The latest entrant in this yummylicious fraternity is Puffizza. Located at 103, Kairos, Near Manav Mandir, Drive In Road, Gurukul, Puffizza has added a very refreshing twist to this crowd pleasing twist. Move over standard dough bases – the Puff crust is Read more [...] – Fighting hunger in Ahmedabad

Written by Hemal Mehta on . Posted in Food, GENERAL, People, Social, Startups - providing food to people in need All the foodaholics in Ahmedabad would vouch that new restaurants open in Ahmedabad every week. There is nothing new about this trend. But what if someone was out there who would take surplus food from cafes, restaurants, supermarkets, social functions and many other businesses and donate it to the needy? Isn't this a brilliant idea to fight hunger in Ahmedabad? Mr. Rupesh Rajawat, a resident of Ahmedabad, is actually implementing this idea in Ahmedabad. As a self confessed foodie, Mr. Rupesh would have several meals per week outside. Over time he realized that food wastage was a major problem with local canteens and restaurants. At the same time, there were many needy people who slept hungry. Read more [...]

The Ultimate Guide to The Drum Circle Ahmedabad

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The Drum Circle: a great way to meet like-minded people and an opportunity to reconnect with your inner rhythm Anyone, who knows Rujul Vora for a while, would vouch for his passion for drumming, innovation and entrepreneurship. A conversation with him would not be complete without the mention of these three topics. Thus, it came as no surprise when he decided to launch The Drum Circle in Ahmedabad. A drum circle is a fun concept which involves participants enjoying and exploring music through drums whilst sitting in a circular formation. According to Rujul Vora, CEO and Founder of The Drum Circle, "A Drum Circle is headed by a Drum Circle Facilitator who makes the rhythm and triggers enthusiasm into the group. People in a drum circle aren't looking to become skilled performers, but a creative Read more [...]

Nini’s Kitchen Prahladnagar: Food Review

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Nini's Kitchen in Ahmedabad: Sweet & Spicy Barbeque Pizza Ahmedabad is now home to a multitude of restaurants that serve an eclectic variety of food items spread across genres. One such offering that has caught the fancy of food lovers in the city is Nini’s Kitchen. Located at Camps Corner 2, Opposite Prahlad Nagar Garden, Prahlad Nagar, Nini’s Kitchen is the baby of Navneet and Ankit. The love for this place is evident from the brightly lit décor, the amazing graffiti on the wall, the brilliant food inspired posters and the cheery hosts – all of which welcome the hungry patron with open arms. The collection of books in the wooden stand in one corner and the bright ambience of the place lend a bohemianesque feel to the place. Nini’s Read more [...]

Food Review: 70 Degrees East

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70 Degrees East Ahmedabad: Serves North Indian, Chinese and Fast Food We Amdavadis are talented lot. I’ve heard the name of ‘70 Degrees East’ so many times, yet I could hardly find any mention on the virtual web. No Zomato reviews, nothing on Facebook, and yet everybody knew about it. That’s when I realised the power of ‘Amdavadi’ word of mouth; defying powers of the Internet world yet again. 70 Degrees East is clearly a child raised by word of mouth. It is situated in one of the less crowded New Thaltej area and hasn’t peaked at popularity, so it is a blessing for the impatient lot. The front hall has a huge Buddha statue, which is there just because. No, it does not go with the theme (if there is any), so we just behold it for a moment and Read more [...]